Monday, July 31, 2006

Red Lake IV: I Couldn't Make This SH#T Up!

1.) See comments

2.) One day a Kids Club kid who is half Mexican and half Indian says to my Area Director “ I’m not Indian; I’m Mexican!” To which my AD promptly chuckled, and I said, “Well, its kind of true,” and I thought, “YESSSSSSS! Mexicans”

3.) One of the older Kids Club kids was in trouble and I happened to walk by with my kids club staff when one of the Adult leaders was chewing him out saying to the child, “So you’re telling me you didn’t just punch this other kid and say –um- blanktey-blank-blank-blank!?” Curious and surprised at the laughable censorship of the situation, both my Kids Club staff and I turn to the kid and asked him what he said. He replied, “Um…I mean…all I said was… he was beating on my brother…so…I mean…I said ‘get off my f---ing brother you f---ing savage!” I literally almost cried trying to hold back my laughter. Don’t worry! He was reprimanded…maybe I should have been.

4.) It has become the joke around the Catholic Mission on the reservation (from the lips of Father himself) that you will wait five minutes for the indians, ten minutes for the elders, and fifteen minutes for the Youthworks! staff. On one particular occasion as I was leaving mass Father shook my hand and whispered, “We will need to get you a watch!” I shook my head and chuckled. Presently, the Indian lady behind me grabs my arm, pulls close to my ear, and whispers, “Don’t worry, his watches are slow!”

5.) It is 11:30 on Sunday morning, and my staff and I have been sitting in the back of the sanctuary mainly because we showed up about twenty minutes late for mass and we came armed with caffeinated beverages which aren’t allowed outside the fellowship hall. Anyway feeling sheepish and a little distracted by the noise and raucous of a few new children that had come to mass that day, we tried to avoid the eye contact of the Father who was presiding over the service because we knew that these combined things may have been slightly distracting and frustrating for him. Suddenly during the Eucharist celebration, a cell phone goes off continually ringing for a couple of minutes. Father seemed particularly angry at this point as he gazed out into the crowd. Finally, it stops ringing and mass continues. Afterward, we are leaving the sanctuary, and much to our great relief Father did not seem that angry with us as we shook his hand at the door, when a phone begins to ring once again with the same tone as the one in the service. With a reddened face, Father lifts up his robe revealing the lay clothes underneath, reaches into his pocket, produces a slick looking cell phone, and silences it. Shocked and stunned, my staff begins to chide him ferociously, and he replies, “But I played it off pretty good didn’t I!” – Hilarious!


Ms.Green said...

I have a hard time with someone professing to be a follower of Christ who has profanities throughout their writing. Have you thought about how that comes across to others?

ferociousfire said...

I have decided to clean this one up a little. I think that its abrasiveness does not impactful in showing the true humor of the situation. I do not apologize for my previous points of view, but rather realize that my intent with this blog is to creat a meaningful e-place (place on the internet) where people feel comfortable being themselves in a respectful manner, and I need to be the first to model that. Thanks for reading and I will try to keep this thought in mind.